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Housing in Historic Neighborhoods of Kansas City

About us

BS Buildings is committed to providing reasonably priced housing and neighborhood-serving commercial rental property in the historic neighborhoods of Kansas City. We value our relationships with our tenants and strive to provide the utmost in customer service to our tenants.

About Us

Meet the team



Historic property located in the northeast of Scarritt Renaissance neighborhood of Kansas City, MO. This building offers both residential and commercial units.

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Sofia Chavez Barroso

Sofia has extensive experience in project management on a global scale. She is fluent in English as well as her native language of Spanish. Sofia was born and raised in Torreòn Mexico before moving to the United States. She has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas, El Paso and a Master of Arts in Emerging Media & Communication from the University of Texas, Dallas.

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Bradley Farris
General Counsel

Bradley is a practicing real estate attorney. He is proficient in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as fluent in his native language of English. Bradley was born and raised here in Kansas City. He has a Bachelor of the Arts in International Studies from Rhodes College, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

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Santiago Rodrigo (Santi)
Head of Human Resources

Santi is the head of Human Resources. As a unique mix terrier breed, he brings over 10 years of experience  of chasing squirrels, barkingt at cats, mouse hunting, front porch watching, window observing, and much more. Santi is a true foodie at heart. He will be happy to do business with anyone that is wiling to provide unlimited belly pets. 

Resident Services

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Resident Services


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